Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Exciting Stuff

Yesterday was an exciting day in the Oklahoma film world.

Jessica Alba has been charged with vandalizing public property in Oklahoma City after pictures surfaced of Alba gluing huge posters of great white sharks on utility boxes, a United Way billboard, and other private property. Alba is in Oklahoma for the filming of "The Killer Inside Me," which also stars Kate Hudson and Casey Affleck.

Also in exciting film news: a couple local Oklahoma filmmakers shooting a film about a mutant frog that terrorizes storm drains left their fake severed lower body (jeans stuffed with chicken wire, bottles, foam, and fake blood) in a storm drain near the interstate. There was also a very large smattering of fake blood on the cement walls. Some poor soul driving by mistook the pants for a real body and called the police.

All in all, very eventful. And the publicity is getting Oklahoma on the map… although, perhaps not in the most positive way.

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