Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Please Redirect Yourself (to My Other Blog)

For the last few months now, I have been keeping up two blogs -- this one and another one hosted by Wordpress. Exactly the same content, but just hosted two different places. That's mostly because I'm lazy and haven't taken the time to figure out how to automatically route this site to that site.

Of course, that laziness there just means that on this end, I've had to upload all my pictures and material twice. So really more work in the long run. Go figure.

Well, now that my internet access is limited (wont get it at home for another week and am currently parked outside a storefront on Main Street, sweating off my body weight in water just to get internet), I don't have the patience/time/energy/desire to upkeep two.

So, my friends, I give you this link:

Please follow it through to my other site and bookmark that one. And someday (hopefully soon), I'll get to automatically reroute to

Until then, I apologize, but you'll have to do the work.

All My Love,
Virginia From Montana

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