Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm an extra!

So fun moment... Right now I am an extra in a film shoot. 

Quick Set-Up:
For the final project in one of my film classes, everyone has to create either a short film, write a short screenplay, or write a film research paper. I chose to write a short screenplay, but my friends/classmates Reilly and Jenn are working together and making a short film.

They sent out a call for extras, and since we student filmmakers have to stick together, I of course decided to come (even though I really need to be packing for my Thanksgiving break right now). 

To be honest, being an extra (or even the star) is not very glamorous. There are long stretches of time in which nothing happens and we are left on our own while the crew sets up props and fiddles with lights. Basically, there is a ton of down-time, with brief periods of fun/interesting dialogue interspersed. 

The other fun thing about this particular film shoot is that I don't know what the film's story is about. They either didn't send out a synopsis, or I didn't bother to check. But whichever way, all I know is that there are twelve of us, pretending to be students sitting in a classroom. All the extras have laptops and electronics, and the female protagonist has a book, pencils and a notepad. We are supposed to be paying zero attention to the lecturing professor. 

Since I don't know what this film is actually about, I am having a fun time trying to piece together the story. Sadly, we have not yet gotten to filming the dialogue, so my nuggets of information to go off of is currently very slim. But we'll see. 

Anyway, it's kinda fun to know that I am helping out a fellow student. Although really, I know I always say this but I am way more comfortable on the other side of the camera.

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