Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update on My Life

I am keeping busy here, planning lots of events for the Student Film Production Club and trying to figure out how to maintain good grades this semester. I'm also starting to plan ahead for the spring... I wish there were two or three of me. Then I could even attempt to start the fun/interesting/resume-building things I would like to accomplish.

One fun thing I just started this semester (a little late to be starting things, I know) is participating in the Language Exchange Program here at OU. I have three international students-- one from Kuwait, one from Africa somewhere (speaks French), and one from Korea (I think)-- and basically we get together for an hour once a week or so and speak English. That's it. So I now have three new friends.

Well, I have only met one so far, but I'm sure the other two will be just as much fun. Yesterday I met Ahmad, an 18-yr-old freshman from Kuwait who has 18 siblings (TEN brothers, EIGHT sisters), two mothers, is a middle child, and is the only one of his brothers to get good grades and to go on to University (and to study in the United States). Fascinating kid. I can't wait to learn more about a different culture and help him make more friends here in the U.S.

Also, I just hosted a Screenwriting Workshop through SFPC this last Friday afternoon. The two panelists were Joel Hulett of Dolphin Bay Films (I interned with him this summer) and Sheryl Fletcher, a Canadian screenwriter who is working with Joel on a couple screenplays (I worked on one of her screenplays--wrote a couple scenes, which they kept!-- while I was there). The workshop covered both the creative and business side of screenwriting, and I was extremely pleased that over FORTY people came! The room was packed, and for students on a Friday afternoon, that was a very impressive turnout.

Except for the fact that the two only did Q&A and didn't lecture at all (which was not what I had in mind), I think the event was a success. Students had a lot of questions, and their questions filled up two hours worth of Q&A, which is a LOT. So overall, I am very happy with the way it went.

And those, as of now, are the new things in my life.

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