Monday, July 19, 2010

Sharing My Umbrella

I got to share my umbrella with a complete stranger today. I've always wanted to do that. You laugh, but I'm serious. I've always wanted to be the one with an umbrella and save someone from getting wet by sharing with them.

Today I had dinner at 7 p.m., like usual. I noticed that the sky was looking a little brooding, so I grabbed one of the extra large umbrellas that we have hiding in the Resource Room for some reason (don't know why they're there, but I'm happy we have them!). Since we've been here, it has actually rained quite a bit (in my mind at least). And it's never just a happy little drizzle. I'd describe the rain here more as ten minute torrential downpours that come and leave in less than a minute.

I knew that the rain was coming, but I still really needed to go get food. So I decided that instead of making the super long walk to the dining hall (that would be closed by the time I got there anyway), I would go get Jimmy Johns (where a deeeeeelicious turkey sandwich awaited!).

So I borrow my friend (and coworker) Geales' "adventure shoes" (her Chacos) for the trek, since none of my shoes were up to the task, and, arming myself with an umbrella, I step outside into the rain.

It's not bad for a bit. I get about half a block away in constant but bearable rain that comes down wonderfully perpendicular to the earth. Totally manageable.

But then it starts to pour. In an instant, the patter turns into a mini drum line on my umbrella. Then the rain changes angles. Rain at a 45 degree angle = not great for white skirt I'm wearing.

I run for a tree. I figure that maybe I'll just wait it out under said tree, which is catching most of the water. But then I hear a thunder clap that is waaaaay too close, and I decide that perhaps under a tree isn't the smartest option after all.

Just as I decide to run for it (another long two blocks), a girl runs up and stands beneath my tree. She is a little wet, but not too much, so I figure she just came out of a nearby building. I ask her where she is headed. She mentions a building in my direction, and seeing as my umbrella would do her some good and keep her from getting soaked, I offer to share my rain shield. She thanks me and accepts the invitation.

So we set off, two complete strangers under one giant red-and-white-striped umbrella, dodging giant rain puddles (pointless) and jumping at the sudden thunder claps (too close for comfort). I am having a great time.

We chat about why we are both caught in the rain (She just got off work at the Temple Visitor Center) as we wait for the light on Broad Street to change. Then we cross the large four lane street and part ways at the nearest building awning. The rain is still pounding down, so I jog the rest of the way to Jimmy Johns for my turkey sandwich.

Of course once I've ordered my food, the rain stops. But since I don't trust the weather here, I take my food To Go and bring it back to my room to eat, just in case the sky decides to throw another Super-Soaker party in the next thirty minutes. I can't expect to have such good company under my umbrella on the way back.

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