Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teacher Game Night

Teacher Game Night, one of the events that I've been working on throughout the course of institute, was tonight, and I would say that overall, it was a success. I got everything done and completed that I wanted to have done and completed by the event, and the Resource Room Specialists (my fellow coworkers and current teachers) really pulled through for me and completed their games in time to present them.

Teacher Game Night
1. An event held to teach corps members various review games that they can use to prepare for all the testing they will be doing in Week 5 (next week).
2. An event held to also teach corps members review games that they can use in their classrooms over the next two years.
3. A really good excuse to put out candy and temporarily distract corps members from their work.

Kristen and Sarah (both Resource Room Specialists)
explaining their fun review games to corps members.

Now that it's over, I laugh at the fact that I was even the tiniest bit stressed about this little event. I mean, look at it. It covered only two tables. The original event was supposed to be considerably bigger, but I couldn't get anyone to volunteer to present games because everyone is so busy during this time of institute. So I had to readjust my expectations, which turned out just fine. No biggie. The corps members that did stop by seemed to be very happy with the games, which is all that matters.

Snack & Chat also happened tonight at the same time as Teacher Game Night. This event, however, is a recurring event that I am in charge of every Tuesday and Thursday, so it ended up not being very stressful to have both events happening at the same time.

Seated at the Snack & Chat table was our first "chatter"
of the night, Emily. Here at institute, she's in charge
of all the School Operations Managers (the people that help
run the individual school sites), and she's amazing. It was great
having her there to talk for an hour about her experiences teaching.

Side Note: Please admire my awesome sign making skills in all the above pictures. Each sign took me at least three hours of work-- most of which was spent cutting out those infernal letters. Haha.. infernal. I just really wanted to use that word. But seriously though... those letters took forever.

Because what you can't tell from the pictures is that each letter has three layers of brightly colored paper on them. It looks really neat when put on black paper, but it's soooooo time-consuming. To make them, I'd print each letter on bright orange and then cut them all out (all 116 of them), leaving a thin layer of orange around the letters. Then I glued every single letter to bright green paper, and cut them out again. Repeat with bright pink paper, and you've got 116 letters that now need to be placed on signs. Gah! I am going to be a very good sign-maker after all this is over, and I really hope that's a transferable skill.

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