Friday, July 2, 2010

While in Philadelphia...

... I want to:

1. Eat a cheesesteak
2. Take a guided audio walking tour of the most historic one mile area in the U.S. (or something like that)... I might even purchase a fanny pack for the occasion.
3. Go to as many art museums as possible, including....
- See that Renoir exhibit
- See that Warhol exhibit
4. Do the Rocky Balboa run up the Museum of Art steps
5. Get in good enough shape to do said Rocky run
6. See old friends I met in France
7. Take lots of pictures
8. Feel overly patriotic on the Fourth of July (including waiving a flag while watching a parade)
9. Make new friends here at institute
10. See Temple's medical campus and take notes for a friend back home
11. Go to that great BYO Indian food restaurant that my coworker has been raving about
12. Write about all of it

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