Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things I Miss About Big Cities

Everyone takes recycling seriously in big cities, and I love it. Almost every single public garbage can has at least two different compartments -- one for plastic/cans and one for trash.

Because of the huge number of recycling bins wherever I looked, it became second nature to me over the summer to pay attention to what I was throwing away. I would automatically categorize whatever was in my hand as "recyclable" or "non-recyclable," and then I would feel a twinge of guilt if I had to throw away something recyclable into the regular garbage can (which only happened when there wasn't one of those green bins around).

Public Transportation
You can get anywhere at any time, and you don't have to rely on other people to get you there (and you are being environmentally responsible).

Want to escape into the city for a morning? No problem. A $2 subway token will get you there. Going out for the evening with friends? A taxi ride will cost you less than a subway ride when you carpool with four, and you wont have to worry about finding and then paying for parking. Oh the freedom!!!

Exotic foods
Part of the magic of big cities is that they are melting pots for different cultures. People from all over the United States and the world make up the unique diversity of the city, and this spills over into the fabulous dining options available.

Because only in big cities can you eat Moroccan food one weekend (seven courses of deliciousness), have Afghani food the next (rose-water soaked rice with shredded orange peel, anyone?), dine on Kosher french toast one morning, and then eat sushi the weekend following (hands down the best sushi I've ever had). I have been spoiled, and my dining options at school will never look the same again.

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