Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Break an hour's promise in love?"

Sooooooo my Shakespeare performance is this Tuesday. My discussion group is putting on scenes from As You Like It, and we are less than two days from performance time. I'm freaking out.

I'm playing Rosalind, the main character-- meaning I have a ton of lines. And for some silly reason, known only to Shakespeare himself, Rosalind's lines are also all complete tongue twisters. 

Try saying, "The wiser, the waywarder," three times fast.

Or, "a part of the thousandth part."

Or, "Keep you your word, O Duke..."

Or, "that most faithful shepherd."

Okay, so those last two aren't really tongue twisters. But I still can't say them for the life of me.

I also am having trouble interpreting a few of the lines, so I need to utilize some No Fear Shakespeare and get that done. YouTube is also a godsend, as it currently holds at least a couple versions/interpretations of the scenes that we're doing. I need to watch those again.

Did I mention yet that I'm freaking out?!? We have only two days left (zero rehearsals) until the show, and I am still forgetting lines. And the blocking is still a little hazy.

Let's just hope that the whole, "The dress rehearsal is supposed to be terrible," thing holds true for us. We're going to need all the help we can get. 

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