Friday, October 29, 2010

I Hope This Isn't a Trend

Yesterday I didn't check my email. I repeat, DID NOT CHECK MY EMAIL. Not once. I didn't fire up my laptop a single time, nor do I even remember opening my planner. And I didn't blog.

What is happening to me?!

As a compulsive email-checker (at least ten times a day-- not an exaggeration), that's rare. And not cool. With emails from CCEW and SFPC, on top of stuff from professors, applications, and the university, my inbox is in a constant state of overload, and it's literally painful to let an entire day go by without addressing the ever-growing pile. I had over 20 unchecked emails yesterday, 15 of which are important and need to be addressed. That's now at least an hour and a half of work added to my plate today. Ick.

I think this is proof that I need to buy a cell phone with the internet. Then I can check my email anytime, anywhere. And while it is ridiculously expensive (someone told me $30 a month), I'm starting to think it would definitely be worth it.

Considering the fact that my cell phone is from the Age of the Dinosaurs, it's about time for an upgrade anyway. My phone, bless its heart, has gotten to the point where it literally shuts off every single time I flip it open. It also loves to spontaneously turn off when I'm mid-text (esp. the super long ones) or deep in an important phone conversation (preferably with professors and heads of state, etc). And the length of time it takes for the phone to recover and then allow itself to be turned back on is also slowly growing. So if you text or call me, I think you can now reasonably expect a response within the hour.

I wouldn't be surprised if the thing spontaneously combusted one of these days.

And I know it's ridiculous that I've gone so long without getting a new phone. But who has that kind of time? "Purchase new phone" has floated from day to day on my planner for weeks now, but I never put it in the High Priority box because so many more important things belong there (like painting my nails and making a dent in the pile of Halloween candy taunting me from the kitchen counter).

Maybe now that yet another weekend is here, I'll have time to swing by Verizon and beg for a new phone. I just hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to do so.

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