Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boomer Blogging Again

My freshman year of college I was a Boomer Blogger for OU, which means that I blogged for their freshman recruitment weblog. And I'm doing it again!

The Boomer Bloggers page used to be made up of freshman writers (with one token transfer student), but now they've changed it so that older student can also contribute (which will increase the number of blog posts overall). I was one of those older students recruited, so I'll be blogging in two different places this year. Woot!

The problem with the Boomer Blogs is that I can't say just anything I want. For example, Boomer Blogs will not be privy to my Stories from Work blogs (which I plan to be a recurring thread), since they contain inappropriate material-- i.e. alcohol-- not suitable for a recruitment page. And while this stipulation about content makes perfect sense to me (they are trying to put their best foot forward after all), it does feel a trifle stifling. So I am going to be constant in maintaining my VirginiaFilms blog as well.

So if you want, you can also follow me on ... otherwise, you can just keep it here, since this is where you'll be getting ALL my thoughts (and not just the "recruitment appropriate" ones).

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