Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Film Content Only?

I am considering a shift in content on this blog. I mean, I really enjoy my ramblings, but as long as they remain ramblings, I wont build much more readership than you few faithful. 

And ideally, I'd like at least a few more people to read what I've got to say. Otherwise, this has the potential to turn into a glorified newsletter to keep my family informed of my doings (not good). 

So a shift in content is being considered....

Since I'm a film major, I'd like to talk about movies. Lots of 'em. Unfortunately, of what about them do I talk? There are so many avenues... 

I set up as my ideal (for focused-content blogs) the blog of my fellow FVS major... Read and enjoy! (Robert Ebert even commented on her blog!)

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