Thursday, September 24, 2009

But honey, that's just so... permanent.

I saw on Facebook that some girl I know from class got a GINORMOUS tattoo of a flower all the way across her left shoulder. I mean, it covered the entire left shoulder blade, from top to bottom, with a large grouping of flowers (looking like cherry or apple blossoms) attached to some sort of stem (that actually looked rather like seaweed). 

And this was her FIRST tattoo. It's not like she started small, with some cute little symbol on the inside of her ankle. Nope. She went all out with a huge tattoo that sprawls all over her back. There's no return from something like that. There's no, "Oh, I guess I don't like tattoos after all." There's NOTHING she can do about that huge thing in ten years when she has kids or sixty years when she's a grandma. 


All I can say is that I really hope that science comes up with a way to gracefully remove tattoos (less expensively) so that all these poor girls can get their wrinkly, shapeless tattoos removed when they are eighty.

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