Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stories from Work

I am a cocktail waitress at one of the bars on Campus Corner (a few square blocks north of campus that has lots of shops, restaurants and bars), and I worked last night (which also happened to be a football game day). So it was a very, very busy night.

One of the things I enjoy about my job is that there is an endless supply of comical moments when it comes to drunk people. They have no censor, and they say/do the stupidest/funniest things. I also have the opportunity to overhear many interesting conversations which actually provide quite a bit of insight into people (after all... a drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts).

For example, as I waited by the bar for one of the bartenders to make a drink order, I happened to eavesdrop on an amusing conversation behind me. Although really, it couldn't be considered eavesdropping, since I was almost forced to listen to the conversation as the girl was standing directly behind me and screaming at full volume. The poor thing was crying hysterically to some guy and could only manage to get out the words, "But I've always loved you, (insert name)! I've always loved you!" It was kinda sad actually. I was torn between wanting to give her a huge hug and slapping some sense into her... The guy was obviously less than quality (he'd been grinding on at least three or four girls that night), and she looked like such a sweet girl. And yet too much alcohol had severely impaired her ability to look at the situation and realize that she was 1) ruining whatever remaining chances she had with the kid and 2) that everyone within a five-foot radius could hear her.

Another entertaining moment came when I went into the women's restroom to pick up the empty cups and bottles that lined the walls (Why do girls insist on carrying their drinks into the bathroom with them and then leaving them there? Leave it outside with a friend.). While I was in there, I happened to notice that there was a guy in the women's restroom. I was just about to make him leave when I realized that the guy was gay. Adorably flaming gay. So I figured that there was no harm done-- none of the girls in there were bothered by him in the least.

Which brings up an interesting issue about male/female restrooms... if you are gay, which restroom do you use? This gentleman obviously felt most comfortable in the women's restroom, and I don't think he would feel comfortable if he used the men's restroom (nor would the other male restroom-users). No wonder large companies have started to designate some bathrooms as unisex. It just makes things to much less complicated for the lesbian woman who really doesn't want to use the women's restroom and the gay man who feels unnatural in the men's room.

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