Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thrifty Shopper

So y'all will be very proud of me.

After much internet searching (and one recon mission to the bookstore), I have purchased all my books for the semester.

You roll your eyes. Not a big deal, you say.

Au contraire, my friend. Au contraire.

That is because Virginia Duke officially spent a mere $158 on a colossal eleven textbooks (insert triumphant trumpeting). And considering that only two of her larger textbooks would have totaled a whopping $327 at the University Bookstore, this is a feat indeed.

And pray, how was such a thing accomplished?

By the amazing power of the internet, channeled through such auspicious sites as,, and For those of you not familiar with Chegg, it's an online textbook rental company. You rent the book for a fraction of the price and at the end of the semester you mail it back to them. Simple. Beautiful.

Of course, the tiny spot of inconvenience that flecks my otherwise buoyant elation is that these cheaply obtained nuggets of knowledge will take an unfortunate 4-7 days to arrive at my doorstep. An inconvenience, to be sure.

But an inconvenience most sweetly born, as I now have over $200 more in my bank account than I would have otherwise. I feel a celebratory trip to the nearest Maggie Moos is in order... followed by a prompt visit to the Bursars Office of course.

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