Monday, January 31, 2011

The Epic Snow Storm of 2011

Everyone is preparing for the impending snow storm like it's the apocalypse. It's quite exciting. The weather man is predicting 8-12 inches of snow, which is a healthy dose of precipitation even by Montana standards.

But because Norman probably owns only one snow plow, we anticipate being stuck in our little cottage for a few days. We are stocking up on groceries and other necessities, planning meals for the next few days, and everyone is making sure that they have a working ice scraper.

Hey! Maybe that ridiculously high steeped roof of ours (which is only practical in a land full of snow) will finally come in handy.

There has already been a Facebook event created for a North vs South Greek Snow Fight for 2 p.m. tomorrow. If there is, in fact, a foot of snow, that'll be epic. I participated in the first one last year, and running around in the snow was the best escape from cabin fever ever. I'm really hoping the snow fight happens again this year.

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