Monday, January 17, 2011

Why I Love My Friends

Brittany: (while looking with concern at her dying bamboo) "My poor bamboo. It's so desiccated."

Me: *snicker* *snicker*

Valerie: "You know, I didn't know what that word meant until about a year ago."

Me: *suddenly confused* "Wait. What do you mean?"

Valerie: "You know, desiccate. To dry out."

Me: "Oh! I thought she meant decimated."

Val: "Is that why you were laughing?"

Me: "Maybe."

Tess: (who just walked in) "What are we talking about?"

Val: "The word desiccate. . . It means to dry out."

Tess: "I thought it meant poop."

Val and Me: "That's defecate."

Tess: " . . . Oh."

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