Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ricks and Tree Houses

My roommates and I have been looking into purchasing firewood, and have been calling to all the various Norman lumber yards for different quotes. After calling all over the place, getting lots of answering machines and a ridiculously expensive quote from one lady, we were called back by one of the businesses.

The man on the other line was immediately very helpful, answering all our questions. He told us approximately how large a quarter rick would be, how long it would last (6-8 fires of 4-5 logs), and how much it would cost ($35 for the wood, $5 for delivery) -- So helpful!

So Valerie called him back to let him know that we wanted to order wood from him.

Val: Hi! I'd like to go ahead and order that quarter rick of wood.
Guy: Oh.... okay... well, uh, I'm actually in a tree right now. So let me call you back when I get down. It'll be when it gets dark.

Bahaha! Seems so fitting.

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