Monday, May 2, 2011

Eleusinian and Being a Sorority Girl

Last Thursday afternoon, my sorority, Chi Omega, held a banquet (called Eleusinian) at the Stadium Club (this swanky place in the football stadium normally reserved for high rollers donors). The banquet, a soon-to-be-annual affair, was held to honor the senior pledge class for our ... awesomeness? Surviving this long as sorority girls? Something like that.

It was a nice little affair, with sundresses, pretty centerpieces, and cool senior gifts.

And while the catering food at OU has never been good (possibly one of the only things I wont miss about this place), the desert never fails to satisfy. I mean, how can it, when it's a honkin' huge piece of chocolate mousse cake? Delish.

Anywho... it was a nice little celebration to wrap up the end of our college careers as sorority women.

For those of you who know me, you know that I don't usually claim my sorority-ness. In fact, I shun sorority t-shirts like the plague and spent all of freshman, sophomore, and junior year trying to convince people that I was cool despite my sorority membership. I cared way too much what people would think of me were I to admit that I belonged to one. Which is stupid. If I cared so much about people judging me for belonging to a group, I should probably just have quit the group, right? You'd think so. But I guess that's not the way I operate.

And now I'm a senior. And seniors in sororities can basically do whatever they want -- not go to things, show up for the fun stuff, cut in line (sorry bout that one), etc. Perfect for the chronically-uninvolved sorority girl like me.

Though, in all seriousness, even though on the outside it looks like I've done everything possible to avoid my sorority while in college, I'm not entirely sad I joined a sorority. I mean, there has to be a reason I stuck with it this long. Through Chi O, I met some really good girls (whom I feel honored to be associated with) and I met my roommate and wonderful friend Madison.

I also got to live two blocks off campus in a swanky big house for a couple years, and someone cooked me my meals. I got to go to date parties and dance it up a few times a semester. All in exchange for a few Sunday evening chapters and other minor inconveniences. I really can't complain.

I'll even go as far as to say that I wouldn't take back joining my sorority for anything. It was a great experience -- something that not many people get to experience -- and at the very very very least, it'll make for some good stories.

I hope.

It'd better.

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