Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Senior Portraits

My roommate Tess asked me to take her senior portrait so she can include a photo in her graduation announcements. Always ready for an opportunity to use my camera for something cooler than snapping random pics for my blog, I was excited to help out.

It turned out to be an absolute blast. We headed over to the rose garden on campus, which is a great place to take pictures. The roses are all gorgeous and in bloom. You can kinda sorta see 'em behind Tess's beautiful face.

After having so much fun with this photo op, I'm trying to convince the rest of my roommates to let me take their senior portraits for them. Just for kicks, even though I don't think they think they need them. But they do. I have beautiful friends, and beautiful friends need to be photographed. It's like the law of nature and stuff.

Maybe if I can't find something to do with my life after this teaching thing ends in a couple years, I'll just become a professional photographer and take pictures of married couples and babies.

Love it.


That's the plan.

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