Thursday, May 19, 2011

Post-Graduate Adventures

If I've graduated from college, can I call the rest of my life post-graduate? Or does that term only apply to people getting their masters degrees or something?

Anyway, I've begun the rest of my life. Kinda. 

Not really.

Graduation weekend was full of family, graduation parties, and moving the massive amount of things out of my house (Four years ago, I started with five suitcases. Now my things barely cram into a Chevy Trailblazer).

It was a super busy, pretty fun weekend overall.

I carried the banner for my department, leading my teeny tiny graduating class of thirteen.

I got my diploma. In the picture below, I'm about to hug my favorite professor, Dr. Boyd (there's a bit of a shrug/"I made it!" going on there).

We also took SO many family pictures. So so many.

And I had a couple graduation parties, including a really nice big one with all my relatives in Tulsa. Check out the coolest cake I've possibly ever gotten.

But really, to give you the most accurate image of what my weekend looked like, it would be this...

... a lot of parties and group gatherings, everyone looking nice for special occasions, a whole bunch of family picture taking, and an adorable baby running around distracting everyone with her cuteness.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. My graduation sometimes felt like almost an afterthought in all the commotion. Which was fine with me. Left me to mourn its passing in peace.

And now I'm in Arizona for a couple weeks. The plan is to sleep for as much of the break as possible, to make up for the recent sleep deprivation of graduation week and get ready for the upcoming summer of teacher training with Teach For America.

Love in Having a Degree,

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