Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taking Production Stills for Fellow Filmmakers

A couple filmmaker friends of mine were working on a major short film project for one of their classes a few weeks ago, and they asked me to take production stills of one of their shoots.

Per usual, I jumped at the opportunity to take pictures of something other than flowers and random objects around my house. I wanted to practice in different lighting conditions, and it was also a good chance to practice takings pictures in an environment that was out of my control.

As one of the many "deliverables" they are required to turn in for the class project, they need to turn in 300 pictures. I think, due to my overzealous picture taking, they got about 100 from this shoot alone.

I guess you can say I went a little crazy.

But I had so much fun in the process.

One challenge was that I couldn't take any pictures during the filming itself, because the sound of my camera's shutter was too loud. That's because the audio for this shoot was legit (see picture of professional sound guy with professional sound equipment above).

So most of my pictures were of the before and after prep of the film shoot. Good shots of the actors acting were hard to come by.

Overall, it was a blast. And a great learning experience.

Every time I take out my camera and mess around with the aperture and the ISO (and all those other little things to pay attention to when shooting), I learn something new. Usually learning comes from missed opportunities and blurry pictures.

Which makes sense. You learn from your mistakes, yada yada, etc. etc.

Hope someone asks me to do something like this again!

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