Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love Is Where It's At

I have officially found THE best way to procrastinate online. It's called Odosketch, and it's amazing.

Basically it's a giant sketchpad, but the drawings look a lot like watercolors or ink on parchment paper. 

I'm in love. And to celebrate this love, I spent twenty minutes on that darn thing making all sorts of fun pictures and designs.

For example, the masterpiece below is the product of my hard work and determination to spend as little time as possible on researching the advertising methods and promotional strategies of Facebook and Gowalla. 

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  1. Virginia! I've recently discovered, which allows you to make online lists and view other people's. I don't know if you're as big of a list maker as I am, but I not only is it something to procrastinate with, but it's also very helpful!!!


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