Monday, September 20, 2010

This is where Facebook gets creepy.

It's getting down to job search time, and naturally, I'm worried about my Facebook (even though I've taken great pains throughout college to keep a respectable profile, etc). People lose jobs and opportunities all the time because of things they post on social networking sites. So while I've always had my profile on private, I only accept friend requests from people I know, and I'm only searchable if you're a friend of my friend, I'm still uncomfortable with the idea of employers searching for (and finding) me on FB. I'd hate to have people judge me before they know me.

So to ease my worries (which are probably completely irrational, since I have just about as clean an FB as possible), I googled privacy settings for FB. And viola! I found a great way to check if my Facebook profile is searchable and such online.

Go to and type in exactly what your FB status says right now. If your profile picture and status come up, then be careful. You are officially search-able to all potential employers. Woops!

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