Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things I'm Loving Right Now

1. Pioneer Woman !!! -- Actually, Pioneer Woman belongs on the "Things I'm Loving Right Now" list for ever and always. I'm obsessed. And if you aren't already, you will be soon.

Not only is Pioneer Woman entertaining, but she's an honest writer, sharing almost everything about her life to her readers (but not in an angsty, uncomfortable, or unsafe way).

She is also incredibly inspiring. I would love for my blog to look like hers someday-- full of blogs and stories and pictures everywhere you look. There's SO much content on her website, it's insane. She's a talented photographer. She's a great cook. She's a wonderful writer. All the things I aspire to be, in one person. If only I could meet her and thank her for changing my life (seriously).

2. "I am the hole on the flute that Gods breath flows through."

5. -- It keeps track of my finances and the budget I've set for myself this month. For example, I now know that I've spent three dollars over my coffee allotment for the month. Aaaah!!! How will I survive the next ten days?!

4. Isabella and her mamma Evangelina took a trip to Arizona a week or so ago to see Mom, Stan and Rebecca. I'm obsessed with the pictures taken of their trip.

Isabella discovers the windchimes on Aunt Rebecca's porch.

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