Monday, December 6, 2010

Penmanship Issues

I hate writing the letter I. The lower case version is okay, I guess (though really boring)--- but that capital I? Atrocious.

How do you make that look pretty?! It's all straight lines and angles. No room for a swoop. And the cursive I just think looks foolish.



  1. There are a couple of good capital "I"s in the handwriting methods and — requests to the site-owners should receive helpful replies. (Tell them I sent you.)

    Kate Gladstone — (home of the World Handwriting Contest, some of whose samples also include various elegant "I"s ... one or more of which should suit you).

  2. I'm honored. Does this mean I've finally gotten to the point where my blog is read by enough people to get comment spammed? Probably not. Good ol' Kate probably just googled handwriting troubles or something. But I'll just keep telling myself it was my blogging magnetism that did it.

    And I'm keeping the comment above around, for posterity' sake. Someday my kids will want to know who that first spammer was, I'm sure of it.


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