Monday, February 22, 2010

Advertisements on Pandora

Pandora, my beloved online radio, has advertisements. They don't usually bother me, as they are normally few and far between. But for some particular reason, my "study" music channel (soft classical music) has latched on to one particular advertisement and wont let go.

This means that for the five hours I have been at the library, I get to hear, with annoying frequency, the ridiculous "How do I quantify awesomeness?" advertisement from McDonalds about their new McCafé drink.

I guess you could say the advertisement is effective, since I am now knowledgeable of the fact that the McCafé drink comes in seven different flavors... or something like that. But the advertisement is officially so incredibly irritating that I have sworn (under my breath with a couple choice expletives) to never purchase that frappe thing from McDonalds-- ever. So if Mickey D's isn't getting any money out of me for all their promotion, is it really worth it?

I beg of you, Pandora, change up the advertisements!

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