Tuesday, May 4, 2010

List of Things to Do Before Saturday (before I hop on a plane and fly awaaaay!)

1. Take four finals and finishing editing a 10pg paper.
2. Move into new house.
3. Buy a bed for the house.
4. Confirm that the girl subletting my room will in fact be subletting and sleeping on said bed.
5. Print business cards for Cannes.
6. Determine course of action for California.
7. Buy my friend her birthday beverage.
8. Say goodbye to graduating friends. *sniff
9. Tell them all that I secretly wish they were going to be 5th yr seniors (for my sake).
10. Hair cut?
11. Shopping?
12. Hitting up parents for a little money for hair cut and shopping?
13. Breathing and sleeping and eating -- Remind myself to live in general.

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