Saturday, May 1, 2010

Planning for Europe

As I've never been to Europe before, I just spent an hour or so this morning Googling things like "what to pack for a trip to Europe."

The general consensus? It's all common-sense stuff. Pack light. Bring comfy but versatile clothing. Tell your bank you'll be using your card in another country.

Then there's all the confusing things, like cell phones and electronics and adapters for those electronics. Communication and doing my hair-- two things essential to my existence-- have suddenly become immensely more complicated.

For example, people can normally take their own cell phones with them to Europe, as long as they purchase a SIM card that works internationally. However, my cell phone, which I endearingly liken to a dinosaur, is the same phone I've had since high school. I'm pretty sure it was made before SIM cards existed, because there definitely isn't a place to put one anywhere on the device.

And doing my hair isn't going to be a cakewalk either. Apparently, even if I buy an adapter for my electronics, there is a really good chance my straightener will explode when used in France because of the higher voltage (almost twice as high). I'll probably get electrocuted by my hairdryer too. So that's great.

I can just see me now-- I'll be that crazy girl who doesn't own anything electronic (anymore), yet looks like she should be able to pick up reception from foreign space satellites with the frizzy poof she tries desperately to pass for high fashion.

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  1. I have been to France, so feel free to shoot me an email. There was a hairdryer in the hotel, and everything else worked fine with the adapter. Yes, the voltage is higher, but that's what the adapter is for.
    Other than that, comfy yet stylish shoes are a must. I took a brand-new pair of flats, but I didn't break them in first. Hello Blistercity.


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