Monday, November 8, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

It's amazing how that first one-- lights-- takes the loooooongest. We've been on location for over an hour,  setting up lights, dressing the set, finalizing camera angles. And we don't really even have that much equipment. If there was more, this process would take twice as long. Our poor actress, who in this scene is supposed to be napping on the couch, probably is actually asleep on the couch right now, waiting for something to happen.

And I'm in the corner, typing away. I'm the producer on this short, but with all student films, one wears many hats. For example, this morning I went with a lovely French beret.

Kidding. But I am, on top of producing, acting as the script supervisor, which means I'm taking notes on all the happenings so that the editor has something to go by later. I'm also watching for continuity (like, wasn't her left foot over her right in that last shot?). It's a fun, painless job (especially since I get to type it all into Excel -- someday I'll tell you all about my love affair with that hunky program).

But now, back to the shoot. Something's about to happen. Filming maybe?

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