Monday, November 8, 2010

Taken from the blog of my beautiful friend Geales...

"When I look at the lives of the people I most admire it’s these daily decisions I honor the most. The tiny choices, the kind you make over your cup of morning coffee: Put your mug in the sink and go to the studio, it’s time to get back to work. Get out of bed and make the kids breakfast, after cereal we’ll work out what’s next. Forgive him, he’s sorry – this will set you both free. Be yourself because there is no one better.

The grand prize is that we all get to do this – we get to live here and love here and make our own way. We get to choose who we will be and what kind of bold beauty we will leave behind when we go. It takes real pluck to choose kindness and freedom and art. It takes balls to show up for your life. So I may think you’re rad if you are up for a bungee jump but I think you’re miraculous if you are up for today."

-Anne Carmack

From here.

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