Sunday, November 21, 2010

Writing a Novel: Day 7

Status: Petrified.
Word Count: Currently unknown.

I wrote a bunch of words today. A bunch. I was close to 5,000 words. But now I can't find the updated version of my story. I can't find it anywhere.

When I was writing today, I wasn't near a power source. So when my computer was about to die, I put my story on Valerie's flash drive and transfered my story over to her computer, where I resumed working for another hour or so.

But now I can't find her flash drive. It's not in my backpack. I literally took out all contents of my bag to look for that little silver thing. And it's not in her backpack either. The only place left that it might be is in Val's other purse at home.

I'm scared that I might have lost almost an entire day's work (not to mention all of Val's files). Five thousand words = ten percent. I was ten percent of the way done (and yes, I know that's not nearly far enough). But ten percent is a hell of a lot closer than only four percent -- which is what I'm back to, if I can't find those pages.

And worse than the numbers is the fact that I really liked what I'd written today. And it might be gooooooooooone. *sniff

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