Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Excursion to the Garbage Bin

The garbage bin may or may not be only five feet from the door. But from the vantage point of our front door, the trek between looked dangerous. Maybe watching the weather report for a couple hours straight this morning filled us with a bit more caution than we would normally feel.

Taking pictures of the snow.

But about halfway through the morning, Madison needed a change of scenery.

She decided to take out the garbage.

As mentioned before, the bin is only five feet from the door. Please note the intense preparation for this trip.

Going through all her nifty scraper things
to get your car unlocked in the ice.

She opened the door.

The drift piled up outside our door.
That isn't even the beginning of it. 

Lots of exclamations of glee and "WAIT! Let me get my camera!" ensued. I admit to being a part of the chaos.

And naturally, while Madison trekked outside, we watched.

I guess she decided to clear off her car while she was at it, so the bundling up served a purpose.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was our primary source of excitement for the morning.

Stay tuned as I share with you the rest of the day, which will probably include a ton of reading, picture taking, and then cooking in the evening. We are going to attempt to make mulled wine.

To be continued!

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