Friday, April 30, 2010

A Vicious Cycle

The weather is getting progressively nicer and warmer, and as much as I love the rise in temperature because it means summer is almost here, I also dread the day when I must wear shorts.

It hasn't really gotten there yet. It's been warm, but not that warm. And part of me wants to keep it that way, because my legs are paaaaaaaaaaale. I'm talking glaring, reflective white. The other day I wore shorts for the first time, and my friend told me that she recognized me from all the way across the oval because of my pale little legs. Not cool.

Of course, this is a vicious cycle. My legs will never tan if I swaddle them in jeans and other synthetic material for the entirety of summer. But as it is, my legs seem to have zero melanin in them, which, according to my pre-med friends, is the thing that makes you tan. So its impossible for me to tan anyway....?

My mom keeps telling me to just channel Nicole Kidman and be proud of it. Perhaps she has a point. But when my arms are blending in with my linen pants, I think we've got a problem.

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