Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crowdstory Launch - Day One in Pictures

A successful day on the oval! We passed out ALL the popsicles and had to reprint flyers three or four times. I think we passed out about 700 flyers overall. Crazy. They go so quickly, especially from the 00:20 to the 00:30 of every hour (when classes are out and people are destination hopping).

Also, the snippet structure worked. Update on that one: Paper mache = failure. As soon as the balloon inside the paper mache deflated, the thing collapsed. But the new snippet top is a balloon (just no paper), which is still cool. And functional. Very important.

Overall, it was a pretty successful day. OU students are pretty used to getting paper flyers on the oval, so they weren't particularly excited to be getting more -- until popsicles were introduced to the mix. Total game changer. People were more than willing to accept flyers when free sugar water  was involved, and we even had people forgo to the popsicles but still ask for/take the flyers. Score.

I am excited to see the download numbers for today, and I'm even more excited to see the turnout at O'Connell's tomorrow night. Things are really rolling!

To stay up to date on our shenanigans tomorrow, follow us on Twitter at (and/or #crowdstorylaunch) or check out our Facebook page at It's going to be a great day!

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