Friday, April 15, 2011

A Stroll in the Park

The weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS lately . . .  aside from a teensy minor irritation in the form of Oklahoma's tornado-like winds.

Seriously though. It's been so breezy that I haven't been able to comfortably wear my hair down in weeks.

Q: Why is Oklahoma so windy?

A: Because Texas blows and Kansas sucks.


Sorry. Couldn't help it. Actually, I really couldn't care less about cross-state rivalries and yada-yada. But that joke still cracks me up.

Anyway, because the weather was so lovely yesterday, I went for a stroll through the duck pond on the way back from my stadium run. Well, I'm sure the park is called something, but we call it the duck pond. Due to the large number of ducks.


Did I mention it was a beautiful day? I love the spring here. In Oklahoma, spring is my favorite season by far. Everything turns leafy green, flowers pop up everywhere, and campus turns into heaven. All I want to do is spend time outside. I have a feeling that this, coupled with my increasing appreciation for the Mont and overall lack of motivation, will make for a very pleasant, incredibly unproductive next four weeks. Can't wait!

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