Monday, April 25, 2011

More Printmaking

The rest of the semester in my Art for Non-Majors class is going to be spent on printmaking, and I've decided, for my last project, to carve out a quote "stamp."

I've always loved the quote below and I've been needing some serious cheese in my life lately. So today I spent about two and a half hours rearranging/resizing the words to make them look cool. I'm not sure it was a success, but I definitely used all the little design tips I've gathered through osmosis this semester from Megan, Crowdstory's graphic designer. For example, I used Helvetica font, which is apparently the granddaddy of all design fonts. And I didn't stretch or squish any letters (though I was super tempted) because that's the biggest design faux pas of 'em all.

The biggest challenge is going to be those itty-bitty "as they are the" and "of your" sections. Hope it turns out well!

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