Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crowdstory Launch - Day Two in Pictures

I took a gazillion pictures. Almost literally. So so so many.

Here are the best ones, and if I find out how to embed a slideshow in a blog post, I'll show you the rest of the pictures from the day. It was a pretty good one.

The t-shirts, created by our graphic designer Megan Gessouroun, were a huge hit. Everyone wanted to know where they could buy one. We should have made extras, that's for sure.

It was a really cold day (esp. in comparison to the days before), so no one wanted popsicles. But Bryce Stubblefield can sell you anything.

"It's not too cold for a piece of paper though!" - BStubb

So, in a humorous instance of reverse psychology, people would feel bad for not wanting the popsicles and would actually ask for the paper instead. And in a land where people hate handouts almost more than they hate homework during Dead Week, this is a real feat.

After being out on the oval all day, the team went home for a break before the launch party that night. I took a nap.

Then it was Crowdstory Launch Party time!

Thanks to the awesome generosity of O'Connell's Irish Pub and Grill, Team Crowdstory had 300 beers on tap to give out for free. And in exchange for free beer, all people needed to do was either download Crowdstory, tweet about us, or put us as their Facebook status.

Also, to make the party even better (on top of having all that free beer to hand out), the Rockettops, a super talented band from Oklahoma City, came out and played at our launch. For free. Because they're awesome like that.

Overall, I think we estimated that about one hundred people showed up solely on account of Crowdstory. A HUGE success. We couldn't be happier with the turnout.

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