Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Truck Tacos

Tonight a couple of my friends and I decided to temporarily shirk our responsibilities and head into Oklahoma City for some tacos. Wes has been trying to get us to go to Big Truck Tacos for a while now, and while we didn't necessarily have the time, we went anyway. And it was fantastic.

The tacos were delicious. The ingredients are all fresh, and some of it is kinda crazy. For example, my taco consisted of hickory smoked tongue, avocados, pico, and lettuce. Yup, I ate cow tongue today, and it was soooooo goooooood. No wonder buffalo tongue was a delicacy way back when. Basically, its just really soft, tender meat. Yummy.

And the atmosphere is fun. The place has the feel of a little dive restaurant, an off-the-beaten-track gem. It was packed inside, so we found a table out on the patio and ate there. The air was warm, with a gentle breeze, and the settling dusk gave the evening that enchanting feel that only comes with summer evenings.

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