Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crazy Summer Plans

So I have finally finalized all my summer plans, and I am going to be buuuiiiiiiiiizzzzzzyyyyy!

My plans are:
May 8- 24 - Internship with Cannes International Film Festival (Cannes, France)
May 25-June 16 - Internship with Roserock Productions (Los Angeles, CA)
June 17-August 4 - Job as Operations Coordinator with Teach for America (Philadelphia, PA)


There aren't any days in between (literally) to slow down and take a break, and I hope I wont regret that. I mean, I know I wont regret the decision to squeeze in an LA internship between Frances and Philadelphia. That'll be an incredible experience.

But when things get crazy busy, I can definitely see myself wondering why on earth I didn't choose to spend my summer lounging by the pool. Right now, that sounds like heaven.

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