Monday, April 26, 2010

Meeting My Niece Isabella

So I forgot to tell you that after my trip to Los Angeles, I went to Las Vegas for a day and got to meet my adorable niece Isabella. We had a grand ole time. I rocked her to sleep constantly, carried her around for at least an hour while she slept (my arms hurt the next day from the exercise), and made her cry more times than I can count.

And when she was awake and in a good mood (which was kinda rare, because she was sick), we laid on our backs and I read to her while she giggled and flailed her arms about. I think she liked the princess book the best. Probably because it had the brightest colors.

We had conversations too. Those mostly consisted of me telling her that if she ever wanted to be an actress someday, I'd hook her up, and Isabella occasionally responding with a gurgle/giggle. More often than not though, I'd get a gurgle/half-burp and then that tiny little face would screw up and out from that pint-sized creature would come the most piercing wail I've ever heard. I'm not sure what to take from that, to be honest. Who wouldn't want to be famous?

Overall, it was a wonderful twenty-four hours spent with my sister and my precious niece. I am in love.

Also, please note that at age .08, she is already a lady. Check out that pinky lift.

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