Friday, June 18, 2010

Bucket List Check-Off

Our first order of business on Monday was going to the Golden Gate Bridge park, where there was this B-EEE-AAA-UUU-TIFUL rose garden. Some of them had such strong scents that they literally smelled like those bottles of rose oils and rose soaps you can buy in specialty shops. They were fantastic.

I also walked the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday. For some reason, that was one of the largest items on my bucket list (maybe because it's one of the easiest for me to remember), and so it was extra fun to walk the bridge and check it off my list.

More beautiful roses

The view of the bridge from the look-out

This is me showing you how wide that piping
(or whatever it's called) is. Please admire stylish yellow
windbreaker. It's also reflective.

Proof that I walked the Golden Gate Bridge

After walking the GGB, we were getting rather cold from all that wind (I lost my trusty old sunglasses to the great depths below after a particularly strong gust that swept them off. my. head.), so we stopped at this little cafe at the end of the bridge for some coffee/hot chocolate. It was delicious.

Our last event of the day was biking to Land's End, a really neat preserved area on the coast with great walking paths and fantastic views. We went down to this great little beach and ate our picnic dinner of bread, cheese and salami. I then went crazy with the really nice camera that John let me borrow. I think I took over 300 pictures of that little beach. Below are my favorites.

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