Saturday, June 5, 2010

Visiting the Grandparents

I am writing this on the throes of my second food-induced coma of the day.

I drove to Tulsa today to see my grandparents. And I've eaten a lot of good food. I had a hamburger for lunch. Serious food coma ensued (I needed a nap to recover). Thinking I'd go for something lighter at dinner, I got a salad. Maybe it was the blackened chicken or something, but it definitely wasn't light. Again, I'm getting very sleepy. It might be an early night for me.

But it has been a great day of getting to see the grandparents again. The last time I was here was over six months ago (before Thanksgiving, I think), so it's been a while since we've gotten a chance to chat. We've had lots of things to talk about, that's for sure.

And to top it all off, I will now be heading back to Norman with an art easel (for all the painting I plan to do this fall), a beautiful watercolor of an iris from my grandmother (for my bedroom), and two fold-up chairs (the kind you bring to soccor games and camping trips) that will be perfect for when we get a fire pit in our backyard.

That last item is a secret between Grandmama and I. Apparently she's always trying to buy new fold-up canvas chairs that are more comfortable (better arm rests, with cup holders, etc), but she can't get Granddad to buy them. It's not like they're too expensive, she told me. He just wont get them because they already have two perfectly good ones sitting in the garage. I told her that I would be more than happy to take them off her hands. Now Grandmama will be able to get her comfy chairs for the fall. I'm glad I could be of service.

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