Friday, June 4, 2010

Listless Boredom

My friend Madison claims to be the most unproductive person in the world during the summer. Without structure and routine, she says, all motivation to do anything disappears.

Ha! I thought to myself before the summer started. That'll never happen to me. I make lists. People with lists don't waste time.

Wrong. So so so wrong. I got nothing done today. Nor did I get anything done yesterday or the day before. I didn't even do very much blogging to help pass the long bored hours (... not that I'd have anything to write about anyway, since-- I repeat-- I've done noooothiiiing).

I'm also suffering from acute environmental estrogen overload (a.k.a. toooooo many women). I live in a house with three girls and they are all I see on a regular basis. And lately I haven't been around guys very much either because I haven't been going to public places very often. My friends tend to leave me at home. I think it's because I embarrass them in public. Not really. But kinda. I do laugh really loud (and have lately been accidentally adding in a snort or two with every guffaw, just for good measure).

And besides that, the places I want to go are too far away to bike to in this heat, and I'm always in the middle of doing something when my friends are leaving the house (so I forget to hitch a ride with them). So, due to heat and my current inability to plan ahead in the mornings (and I suspect my lack of coolness), I've been pretty much confined to the house for the last week. I've got cabin fever and I can feel myself going crazy.

Well I guess it's not all that bad. The other night we did go out dancing with our group of guy friends, which was a welcome relief. Finally, some testosterone in the conversation! Even though that meant talking about the upcoming World Cup and other (personally) uninteresting topics, I was happy for the change. And to add to the mix, our friends brought along another friend who is in Oklahoma City this summer for an internship. We call him the Scotsman because he's from Scotland (though he hasn't lived there for almost a decade). I also call him the Scotsman because I usually can't remember his name and don't want to be rude. But he's new and a fun addition to our lively little party. Too bad I wont be around long enough this summer to watch out for any potential budding romances. *Sigh.

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