Wednesday, June 2, 2010

House Rules

After our first group meeting, my roommates and I came up with a list of rules about the house, which I documented and typed up for future reference. I kinda want to laminate it for our fridge.

The document (to be signed by all) is as follows:

Rules about Bills
Utility checks are due to the respective individual no later than two days before their due date. Don’t force us to hunt you down. Not fun, and we’ll make you buy us ice cream. Double scoop.

Rent checks are due to the respective individual no later than two days before their due date as well (so that’s always the 29th or 30th, unless we’re in February. In that case, calculate it yourself).

Rent checks will be dropped off on a rotating basis, so all may have the opportunity to admire landlord Shannon’s remarkable orthodontist establishment.

Valerie: June
Brittany: July
Tess: August
Virginia: September
Madison: October

Basics will be purchased together: milk, eggs, bread, cheese, paper towels. You must fund your compulsive cookie consumption yourself.

If a boy stays overnight during the week, you must notify the rest of the house of his stay. Weekends are fair game, though be respectful of volume levels. Try not to have too much fun.

Chores will include vacuuming, sweeping the kitchen/dining room, dusting (when we get furniture), and taking the garbage can to the curb on Wednesday mornings. All roommates are to participate equally in the dish washing and counter cleaning. Messes aren’t cool.

Mid-Month Meetings
So that we hold no grudges nor let serious business slip by when the craziness of school/life starts, all occupants of this house will attend mid-monthly meetings to bring all concerns to the others. This shall be a safe space. Meetings will be filled with love and accompanied by either a glass of wine or delicious baked goodies.

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