Saturday, March 26, 2011

Intramurals with the Biz Kids

One advantage to being a part of CCEW, besides the obvious benefits of learning a lot and stuff like that, is that the alumni base is ginormous. This is helpful for getting jobs and manning flag football teams. Which is what we did today. Intramurals with the biz kids!


Mimi, our fearless leader and organizer, planned the game today, and is taking requests for other sports for next weekend. I'm a huge advocate for ultimate frisbee, myself. But we'll have to see.

It was a little cold outside (what happened to the gorgeous weather?!), but running around like crazy helped. Well, I was running around like crazy. Flag football isn't really my area of expertise, so I kinda just ran around and yelled a lot when I thought I was open. Of course, I didn't catch the ball a single time. Sad day. But the exercise was nice.

CCEW Intramurals Rock!
Good times.

After the game, we compared scars...

... and took a group pic for future CCEW promotion. Always gotta rep!

What a good lookin' bunch.

And naturally, after the game, everyone negated all that hard work and good exercise karma by getting lunch at Caines. Delish.

Oh, and we took a break from bonding time to go around to people in the restaurant, getting them to vote for a fellow CCEW team, EYEChina, who is competing in a business plan competition this weekend. Hope they win Fan Favorite!

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