Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today is a No Bread Day

We ran out of bread at the house, so for lunch today, I ate my cheese and cracked pepper turkey sandwich meat on Ritz crackers. Which was still delicious, though not quite as filling.

Anyway, I'm sitting in the library eating lunch, avoiding studying for the PRAXIS (Yup, retaking that baby.), when I realized that I really needed to blog today. Definitely had to happen.

Then I felt inspired by my lunch, and I came up with the snazzy title for my blog. I was then going to think of some beautiful elaborate metaphor for why today is a No Bread day for other bigger, more awesomely existential reasons and not just because none of us have gone grocery shopping in a while.

But I couldn't think of anything. I was distracted by all this protein.

Soooo the metaphor crashes and burns.

Oh well. Next time.

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