Wednesday, March 16, 2011

South by Southwest: Day 5

It was a shorter day yesterday. The Crowdstory team did some promoting, talking to people, and checking out the trade show (more pitching involved). Mostly our day was filled with attending the VIP event at Oklahoma's Buffalo Lounge (the same location as OpenBeta the night before), where we set up our table again and talked to people who came by to ask about our app. 

We also got lunch at Gourdough's, an airstream trailer that sells food on donuts -- including chicken and BBQ (as well as the more tradition strawberries and powdered sugar fare). Strangely enough, it was delicious. 

Naturally, while it was super tasty, it was also ridiculously unhealthy. After SXSW is over, I am going on a food detox and eating nothing but broccoli and carrots. I am taking a break from meat, bread, anything fried, and anything with a sauce of any kind. I've never eaten so much meat in such a short stretch of time before; SXSW was rough on my stomach.

Of course, I say that and then immediately eat a giant breakfast burrito at the Diner when I get back to Norman. 

Hmmmm... What should we get?

Bryce and I
Part of Jack's aunt and uncle's property. They let us stay in their guest house, which was
situated on absolutely gorgeous property outside Austin.

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