Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Unexpected Birthday Surprise

My love extends on from Jon Stewart to the mailman today. Whom I've never met. But he brings me presents all the time, so how can I not like him? Especially after a day like today, which brought some extra awesome goodies, since my birthday is only two days away.


I'm turning the big double-two, which, by the way, has to be the most anticlimactic birthday in the average human's lifetime.

Think about it. Most of the good birthdays are gone -- one, ten, Sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one -- and the next cool birthday doesn't come until I'm 40, and that's arguable because I don't know how many people are excited about being designated "over the hill."

And after the massive celebration/libations of my twenty-first, my twenty-second doesn't hold much anticipation. In fact, I've been hunkering down all week with papers, prep for South by Southwest with Crowdstory, and getting ready to take the PRAXIS (Saturday!!!), and I almost completely forgot that my birthday was coming.

Until this morning. I got a cute card from my Grandpa...

... a touching card from my Grandmama and Granddad...

... and...


I'm sorry. I know I should be weirded out by the fact that the Gecko knows my birthday, but I just can't be. Not when he sends me a card like that.

And it rhymes inside. It's some silly, poorly metered poem about saving money now that I'm a year older (at least it doesn't know my exact age -- then I might be worried), but it's still pretty awesome.

Thanks, Gecko, for caring.

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