Monday, March 14, 2011

South by Southwest: Day 3

It's been a long day. Another very very very long day.

And everyone else on my team is going to bed right now, which really sucks away my motivation to be lengthy with this blog. I just want to be asleep too. So today's entry will be short and sweet.

It's amazing what standing on your feet pretty much all day will do to your lower back, calves, and exhaustion level.


This festival is a BLAST.

I basically love everything about it. I love meeting the people here because most of them have incredibly fascinating jobs. I love people coming up and pitching their apps to me, because I appreciate when people listen to me pitching Crowdstory to them. I love the free food, beverages, t-shirts and swag bags. I now have a cup, bag, and frisbee to take home with me. And most of all, I love the atmosphere because it's electric. The passion and excitement are contagious -- it feels like everyone is stoked to be here talking about technology, it's future, and it's implications. I love it. Love.

So what happened in the land of Crowdstory today?

In the morning we split up into teams and attended various panels. I went to a talk by Guy Kawisaki, entrepreneur/writer, and a talk by Chris Poole, founder of 4chan. Both interesting, though Kawisaki was HILARIOUS. I loved his talk.

Also, after making small talk with the girls sitting next to me, they asked me if they could interview me (about Crowdstory) for their blog. Of course I said yes! I haven't checked their blog yet to see if we made the cut, but I'll let you know.

After the panels, we set up shop again on the corner -- this time on the mostest crowdedest street corner we could find. Which just happened to be right outside the front door of the Convention Center. Swoop!

Here are some candid shots of Team Crowdstory doing what we do best -- chatting people up.

And another picture of that sexy banner (note attempted creative angle with camera)...

And then in the evening, we got to appreciate free BBQ on the plastic turf "lawn" in the Hewlett-Packard trailer park. We sat around, ate delicious free food, and listened to music by The Nightmare and the Cat for a while, before heading back to network. It was a great break after a busy day.

Oh, and that's me. It's actually the first picture of me from the trip, but only because I finally let one of the guys pry the camera from me. What can I say? It's my baby.

Well, so much for a short blog. I never was very good at brevity.

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